Monthly Candle Subscription

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The ultimate delight for candle lovers - a gorgeous subscription box!

Every month, our dedicated UK courier will deliver a box containing one of our amazing 220 gram scented candles. 

No messing around, no reading out long card numbers and hassle-free delivery straight to your door - or a friends - or even a family members!

The most perfect Scented Candle Subscription Box if you really enjoy lighting candles regularly - perhaps you have a few dozen around the home already!

Every month, we will vary the scent and a few times a year, we will send a limited edition fragrance for you to try.

Where possible, we will also follow the seasons and, if you're subscribed over the Christmas period, you'll be sure of a winter wonderland surprise.


Every month you are guaranteed to receive at least 1 x 220 gram scented candle - if we are sending smaller candles, you will receive two in the same box, for double the excitement!

Each box will also include a set of extra long matches, to ensure that no candle goes unlit!


  • Your credit/debit card will be charged each month, prior to us dispatching your order to the courier.
  • We send subscription boxes at different times in the month, depending on the volume of our orders but they're always sent via dedicated courier - so they won't go missing!
  • We cannot guarantee that you will receive your subscription box in the same month as your order, if they've already been sent out, we will send yours in the next wave.
  • UK nationwide delivery is complimentary and FREE
  • You will receive a different candle each month - let us know if there's a particular fragrance you prefer from our collection, we can always send another, if you really like them.
  • Discount codes are non-redeemable against subscription boxes. We have included a continuous discount already!
  • Subscription boxes are only available for UK mainland members - we cannot ship to the EU/US etc. Sorry.


We hope you'll enjoy all of the fragrances we send but, if there's one you don't particularly like, please pass your candle to a friend or family member for them to enjoy. Everyone is different and we don't want to waste anything! 

We can send you a second candle in your next monthly subscription, if you let us know as soon as possible. 


Cancellation is super simple. Just email and request a cancellation, if we have not yet dispatched your order, we will send you a full refund for that months subscription.

Unfortunately, if we have already dispatched your box by the time you request to cancel, we will not be able to refund any sums. We do not allow returns of subscription boxes, they have to be passed to friends or family if unwanted and we cannot offer any refunds for months where you have or are about to receive a box. Sorry. It's because our subscription software forbids it!