Recycling & Environment

At illumigi, we are committed to reducing the negative environmental impact around product manufacturing and product distribution in the UK and worldwide.

Living and working in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside, over 40 miles from the nearest city, we are in the unique position of being able to physically interact with the nature around us on a daily basis. 

Since 2020, we've been working hard, in a variety of ways, to reduce our carbon footprint and limit waste related to our product and manufacturing process.

Here's some of the things we're working on:


October 2021 - Ecologi - NEW!

For every order you place, we now use to automatically plant a tree at one of their dedicated reforestation projects. Currently, they're planting trees in Madagascar (southern Africa).

You can find out more about the Ecologi reforestation project here: About Ecologi 

The more orders placed via, the more trees planted around the world. Help us reach our climate change targets by buying from other small British businesses that plant trees for each of their orders.


March 2021 - FSC Approved Packaging

We've upgraded our packaging and now only use FSC Approved printed display boxes and packaging paper.

For retail displays, where our stockists need to protect the boxes from customers sticky fingers, we use a biodegradable cellophane wrap. This is the only 'plastic like' component in our packaging and is required, because the cardboard boxes can easily be damaged by people taking things off shelves or opening boxes to see what's inside. 


September 2020 - Reduced Waste During Manufacturing

We're a 'small batch manufacturer', which means we don't have a huge production line with lots of machinery. Our process is really simple, we have 2 or 3 team members who hand pour each candle, diffuser or tealight set, in very small batches (maybe 36 items a time?). 

With small batches, comes less waste. We only pour out the wax or base oils we need to fill the containers we have prepared. 

Items that didn't dry properly or have come out 'perfectly imperfect' are re-used for product photography, burn time testing or we re-use them around our office or home. We never throw candles or diffusers away!


How YOU can help us meet our recycling goals:



Our glass containers have a variety of recycling options. 

If you simply want to dispose of them completely, please place them in the correct recycling bin or take them to your local household recycling centre, so they can be crushed and re-made in to other glass products!

Alternatively, you can upcycle our glass containers around the home - pen pots? Paper clip storage? The possibilities are virtually endless.

*We do not recommend re-using any of our containers for food products (for hygiene and safety reasons - fragrance oil can be toxic if ingested!).


For any of our concrete containers, these can be recycled at your local household recycling centre. Please note, there may be a fee for disposing of these items, as they are generally classed as building materials due to the fabric of construction.

Alternatively, you can upcycle our concrete containers as succulent tubs, storage jars or for outdoor ornaments and flower pots. We do not recommend using them for food products, as remnants of fragrance oil could be engrained in the concrete and this may be toxic! 


Our plastic tealights are made from recyclable high density plastic. Simply gather them up and place them in the correct recycling bin outside your home or take them to your local household recycling centre.

Alternatively, you can upcycle our tealights by using them as miniature succulent holders or miniature bird feeders in the garden - please ensure you have thoroughly cleaned and washed them with warm, soapy water. No fragrance oil or wax residue should be in the container, as this could be toxic to wildlife! 


All of our packaging is fully recyclable.

Our delivery boxes (white boxes with tear strips) can be folded flat and placed in your blue recycling bin or taken to your local household recycling centre and placed in the cardboard/paper skip. 

Our tealight packaging can be folded flat, there's no tape or glue, so you can do exactly the same as above. 

Press & Media


If you would like to feature any of our products in your publication or you are seeking products to use for room settings / photography, please get in touch with us. 


If you run your own home or gift related blog, YouTube channel or Social Media account, we may be able to offer you a selection of items to talk about with your followers. From unboxing videos to new brand introductions or increasing your channel exposure - we may even retweet your content.  

It's super easy to get in touch with the team at ILLUMIGI - simply email or call 020 8895 6949 and a member of our team will be able to help!