Stylish, contemporary & luxurious home fragrance gifts, hand poured in the north of England.

Every scent is designed to 'Take You There' - destination inspired, from the coast to the city.

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Made in England

All of our home fragrance products are carefully crafted at our studio in North Yorkshire, England.

From delicately mixing our wax and fragrance oil, to hand pouring each candle and every diffuser.

We use only the very highest quality, premium fragrance oils and use specific measurements and mixing schedules to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Clean & Safe

All of our products are Sulphate and Phthalate Free.

We use only Vegan-friendly ingredients, from eco soy wax for our scented candles to vegan friendly base oils in our reed diffusers.

We do not use any form of paraffin or chemical accelerants - even our wicks are made from cotton dipped in soy wax.

Sustainable & Reusable

Our products are designed to be almost infinitely re-usable. From the recyclable postage box to the glass or concrete containers.

Dozens of options exist for you to re-use our products at the end of their natural life cycle.

In fact, we encourage you to re-imagine them as something new, from planters to storage jars - share your upcycling with us on Instagram and we will shout out the best!


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