Which countries do you deliver to? 
We only deliver to addresses on the UK mainland. England, Wales, Scotland - we are no longer able to ship to the EU or USA due to changes with exports during the Brexit process. This may change shortly! 

How can I pay? 
We offer multiple types of payment. After adding your items to the basket and moving through the checkout process, you will eventually be able to choose to pay via any UK registered Credit/Debit Card or PayPal or Apple Pay or Google Pay. IMPORTANT - the credit/debit card used for the transaction must be registered in the United Kingdom or with a UK bank. The billing address must also match the cardholder details, otherwise the card will be declined by the bank for failing authorisation and security checks. 

Can I order as a gift for a friend or family? 
Yes. During the checkout process, simply enter the delivery address of the friend or family member you wish to send your item to. Enter your own payment details, so that we charge your credit/debit card or other payment type and we will get to work packing your order for super speedy delivery. 

How much does delivery cost?
UK standard delivery is FREE for orders over £30.

For orders under this amount, we charge a flat rate fee of £2.95 to cover post and packaging.

Subscriptions - these are delivered for FREE to any UK mainland address by Hermes, DPD or Royal Mail each month. Please allow a week or two for your first order to arrive, as we pack them all at the same time each month. 

Express UK delivery is charged at £5.95 for all orders of any value. This puts your order at the top of the list and ensures we hand your parcel to the courier within 24 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays). 

How long will my parcel take to arrive? Standard delivery takes between 2 and 7 days (usually 3 days for delivery) Express UK delivery takes 48 hours (usually delivered next day - excluding weekends and bank holidays). 

How do I return an item? 
If your order arrives damaged, please contact us as soon as possible (within 24 hours of receiving your parcel) - send an email to hello@illumigi.com or call 020 8895 6949 If you wish to return an unwanted item that is in perfect condition, please email or call us before sending the item back. We will need to arrange a collection via our courier and cannot accept any returns that are sent back to us without prior notification. You must send an email to hello@illumigi.com or call 020 8895 6949 to request a return. Please do not return items back to us until you have received your returns code and tracking link from customer services. We cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items. 

How do I care for my candle? 
Candle maintenance is imperative for maximum scent throw and room filling fragrance.
Every ILLUMIGI candle comes with a Care Guide booklet in the box (we can send you one for free if you've misplaced it!). Please refer to the product pages for further information on candle care or zip to the bottom of this page for detailed hints.
Candles make a beautiful addition to any home, however, you MUST be vigilant at all times and ensure that you keep yourself, your family and your friends safe when handling and lighting any candle. 

Here are some Do's and Don't of candle safety: 

  • Place candles on heat resistant surfaces. Candles are capable of melting plastic and burning fabrics! 
  • Candles must be held upright at all times - ensure the glass holder is placed on a stable, heat resistant surface before lighting. 
  • Place away from sources of ignition - don't light candles near curtains or fabric/sofas/pillows. 
  • DO NOT PLACE LIT CANDLES ON TOP OF RUGS OR BLANKETS - Great for Instagram but very dangerous and unsafe - do NOT do this!
  • Do not place under shelves or in confined areas. Candles produce extreme, burning heat that can spread further than many realise. 
  • Keep clothes and hair away from the candle at all times. 
  • Do not lean across a candle. 
  • Keep matches / lighters / fluids away from the area around the candle. The candle can heat large areas very quickly and can cause ignition of flammable materials, such as matches or lighter fluid.
  • Do not allow pets to be within a few feet of any candle or source of ignition. Tails and paws are not safe around flames!
  • Candles are intended for adults only. Children and vulnerable adults should be kept at a distance - lighting of any candle should only be carried out by an adult or suitable supervisor. 
  • Keep candles apart - leave a minimum of 10cm between other candles to ensure they do not transfer heat. 
  • Do not move candles when they are alight. Extinguish candle and wait for it to cool completely and for the wax to be dry before handling.
  • Do not leave unattended. Extinguish candle fully before leaving the room - ensure the candle is cool before leaving the room or property. 
  • Invest in a 'snuffer' or use a metal spoon to extinguish candles - blowing on them can splash hot wax on to people, pets or flammable surfaces. 
  • Ensure candle is not smouldering - make sure it is completely extinguished and cold before leaving the room. 


  • When your candle isn't in use, ensure it is stored in a cool dry place - perhaps a cupboard - somewhere that will remain cool and away from sources of ignition or heat. 
  • Ensure you wipe any excess condensation build up before lighting your candle. Storing candles for too long can affect the scent, so ensure you use your candle in a reasonable time to make the most of its beautiful fragrance.
  • Ensure the wick is trimmed before each use - 1/4 inch maximum. This avoids 'mushrooming' or 'soot build up'. Most Illumigi wicks are self trimming, so this should not be a problem but please refer to the enclosed guide before use.

Press & Media


If you would like to feature any of our products in your publication or you are seeking products to use for room settings / photography, please get in touch with us. 


If you run your own home or gift related blog, YouTube channel or Social Media account, we may be able to offer you a selection of items to talk about with your followers. From unboxing videos to new brand introductions or increasing your channel exposure - we may even retweet your content.  

It's super easy to get in touch with the team at ILLUMIGI - simply email hello@illumigi.com or call 020 8895 6949 and a member of our team will be able to help!