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Candles for Weddings


What better way to surprise your guests, family and friends than with individually crafted scented candles or tealights to gift at the end of a joyous day!

Our in-house team can pour candles for table centre settings or even create mini-votive candles & tealight packs to give to your guests in 'goody bags'.

To discuss your wedding event requirements, please email and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Candles for Corporate Events


Illumigi offer Corporate Event solutions for large format meetings, trade events and more. 

It's widely known that memory can be stimulated by remembering certain smells or sights from a specific date - gift participants something they'll remember you by, with a branded mini-candle or even a pack of tealights that they can take home from your event.

Get in touch with our team today, to discuss the options in our Commercial Events packages. Every item will be handmade in the UK specifically for your event and we can add your logo or a label to any merchandise - perhaps even consider branded gift bags from one of our partners?  - email today to see what we can do for you today!


Candles for Holiday Homes


Illumigi also offer bulk order discounts and scheduled deliveries for commercial partners, including boutique hotels, luxury guesthouses and independent leisure parks.

You no longer need to endlessly scroll through supplier pages every month, to find luxury quality and highly fragranced reed diffusers or scented candles for your hotel rooms or guest lodges.

The Illumigi team can put together a package that's suitable depending on how many properties or rooms you operate - from an Airbnb in Bath to an entire holiday park in the Scottish Highlands, we will create a bespoke fragrance plan that will enhance your guests stay. No more generic candles from the local supermarket! Upgrade your accommodation to 5 star status and surprise your guests with beautiful, handmade room fragrances that stimulate the olfactory senses and gift your guests an everlasting memory.


  • Bulk order discounts for luxury holiday lodges, Airbnb or boutique hotels.
  • No subscription or sign-up fees.
  • Scheduled deliveries, based on the average lifespan of each item in your order - diffusers last up to 6 weeks! 
  • No cancellation fees or contracts - pay for the items we ship and nothing more.
  • From 1 x holiday cottage to 50+ apartments, one single invoice to cover your entire portfolio.
  • *Net payment terms or credit can be applied to accounts after 6 months.


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