Brand Story

Olfactory - one of the five human senses - the most powerful by far.

The ability to transport ones-self from the comfort of a leather arm chair to the rolling hills of a Mediterranean Villa in the space of milliseconds.

Who we are...

Born by the sea. Inspired by the world. We are artisan makers of luxury, modern and 'wow' inspiring home fragrance products.

For gifting, for keeping, we make products that mean something, with inspiration taken from our travels, our dreams and our aspirations.

Join our journey and become a friend - we're real, as are you!

Amethyst Hills Candle by ILLUMIGI

Small Batch...

....ethically crafted.

ILLUMIGI products take the 'traditional' and make them 'modern'. The process is decades old but the results are uncommonly contemporary.

Statement pieces that accessorise and compliment your decor to the highest degree - artisan made, in England.

Our products are re-usable. Our packaging is recyclable and we source materials from British Suppliers - reducing our ecological footprint.