Affiliates & Brand Reps


Our brand is inspired by simplicity, monochromatic design and contemporary style. Home fragrance products that are multi-seasonal and multi-national, with wide ranging appeal for a huge audience group. 

We are looking to partner with both growing and established affiliates and influencers that operate in the interior decor and home inspiration sphere, helping us to promote our brand to an ever widening audience.

As an approved affiliate and/or brand rep, you will be able to earn commission on all referrals through our website, even if the visitor doesn't complete an order on their first visit.

With our 30 day tracking cookie installed, you will be able to sit back and watch the commission drop in to your online account. Did you know? People who repeatedly visit a website over a 30 day period are statistically more likely to make a considered and often larger purchase!



  • Earn an unlimited volume of commission on sales
  • Real-time reporting and sales tracking
  • Access to exclusive partner materials & events
  • We handle the orders, deliveries, payment and customer services - you just need to send us amazing customers
  • Free to join - no recurring fees or monthly bills to worry about. We pay you!
  • Brand Reps - you will receive free products through-out the year, to use in your Instagram photos/videos and for unboxing content for your followers.



    • Include images or text links back to illumigi within editorial content, social media or online reviews
    • Use our adverts, banners and creative on your website/blog or social media where possible
    • Brand Reps - you are required to post content 1 x every week, either on Instagram or Facebook. 



    • You must have an established website or Instagram or Facebook account
    • You must have over 1,000 unique visitors to your website or over 1,000 followers on Instagram/Facebook
    • You must NOT post adult content at any point on any profiles. Our products are strictly family friendly and intended for professional/luxury goods buyers
    • Your aesthetic must be luxury, stylish or modern. Big discount affiliates and warehouse style affiliates are not required.
    • Limited Availability - we only have a few spaces for applicants. We only want to work with a handpicked selection of influencers, bloggers and affiliates. 



    Fill in your details below and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours, to help set up your FREE affiliate dashboard.

    If you are new to affiliate marketing, or require more information, please contact a member of our marketing team by emailing