About Us

Home Fragrance in: MODERN

Every scent has the ability to tell the most powerful story.

From the smell of seaweed & windswept beaches that remind you of your summer chalet by the sea, to the delicious depths of fruity liquours that stir memories of fabulous nights out with your closest friends & family...

Since 2019, ILLUMIGI have been pouring wonderous scented candles, tealights and diffusers at our artisan studio on the Yorkshire coast of England.

Alas, our fragrances are not just inspired by the local geography. We are well travelled and have experienced a great myriad of sights, sounds and smells, from the urban city to the quietest cove...

This experience of fragrance has led us on a path. To create home fragrance gifts that 'take you there'. A journey through the different fragrances that we call 'Scent Stories'.

Our brand new 2023 collection launches soon - featuring scented candles, tealights, incense and diffusers that offer an abundance of olfactory stimulating scents.

From our home studio, to your front door, ILLUMIGI bring the power of scent to your living space.