About Us

Here at illumigi we pour, cure, wrap and deliver simply gorgeous scented candles, reed diffusers and tealights.

If we are not busy in our candle studio, hand pouring the next batch for our amazing customers, you will likely find us out and about, taking pictures of our natural surroundings in the great North Yorkshire Moors on the east coast of England.

The Home of Hand Poured, Small Batch Fragrance...

At illumigi, we believe that beautifully fragranced homes and commercial spaces make life better, for everyone!  

That's why, at the start of 2020, we set about developing a range of signature scents and home fragrance products that fit virtually any space, from your living room to your study, the dining room table to the garden patio...

Reduced Waste Small Batch Production...

One of the critical aspects of our business, is the reduced plastic and waste in production. We try to recycle as much as possible. Any left over wax from the candle making process is repurposed and used for testing burn times or for product photography - we don't just throw it in the bin!

When testing our batches, we re-use the same glass or concrete containers, we only use fresh and new containers for our customers, to reduce waste in the testing process.

Eco Friendly Packaging

As part of our commitment to creating a sustainable and eco friendly business, we have now removed almost all plastic packaging from our range. 

Products are delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes, with sealable strips that remove the need for sellotape or plastic ties.

Each scented candle or reed diffuser is individually gift wrapped using recycled paper - gift wrapping is included for FREE with every order!

Small Team, Passionate About Detail

Our in-house team is small but mighty. We hand pour every candle, each reed diffuser and all of our tealights. We individually wrap each item in our custom recyclable paper packaging, slide them carefully in to our cardboard display tubes and gently apply hard wearing, waterproof labels to each box. 

When you place your order with illumigi, you're not simply buying just another candle off the shelf...you're the start of a journey for an object that, we hope, will be a talking point in your home or commercial space. 

We are illumigi, small batch producers of 100% British made home fragrance...


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