Why does my scented candle not smell of anything

Why does my scented candle not smell of anything

Ah, this is a question that has been asked 1 million times (pretty sure about that!).

So, with scented candles, you have a range of issues coming in to play, when finding the reason for your new scented candle not smelling that great!

Hot Throw and Cold Throw

Did you know, your candle has different abilities? It can 'throw' a scent when it's hot OR cold.

We call this 'Hot Throw' and 'Cold Throw' in the candle making world. Hot throw, refers to the room filling fragrance of candles as they burn. Cold throw, refers to the ability for a candle to fill a room WITHOUT being burned! 

Ideally, you want your candle to have both an amazing cold throw and a super hot, hot throw. This is not always the case though. Some candles, that have a very mild scent when you 'sniff test' them in the shop, can have amazing hot throw capability. It's just the way the wax crumbles!

Minimum Burn Time
Sometimes, scented candles can be sat on the shelf in a shop for a week or more. During this time, they continue to harden. The top layer of wax can become very stiff or brittle, especially with constantly changing temperatures as shops switch their heating off at night time or over the weekend. We always recommend making enough time to properly 'start' your candle. You will need at least 2 hours but usually 4. Trim your wick to 5mm above the wax, set the wick alight and...wait. Wait for 2 to 4 hours, allow the candle to burn and the top layer of wax to melt. The 'melt pool' should reach to almost the edge of the container, perhaps leaving 1mm of wax at most! Over a 4 hours burn, the candle should start releasing some fragrance.

Remember! Your candle will need to be hot enough to burn the fragrance oil. Our wax melts at around 40 degrees Celsius, but our fragrance oils sometimes need to reach 70+ degrees before they start burning the aroma! So, your candle will need to be 'piping hot' before it starts to smell of anything!

It's Not Ready
Sometimes, you will receive a candle from a 'fresh batch' and this can cause problems. For example, we make our candles with Eco Soy Wax. It's a wax that has a personality and sometimes, it doesn't like to play ball. We always recommend leaving candles to sit for a day or two, at least, allowing them to 'cure'. Most soy candles, especially from our range, take at least 14 days to cure properly. Usually, this process is completed during the manufacturing stage, with our candles being placed on drying racks for 14 days before being boxed. However, we sometimes have a rush to keep up with our orders, meaning some candles reach their destination 'half baked'. That's where the 'Made on...' cards in every box come in handy. We slip these little cards in your box and they tell you when the candle was poured, who poured it and when the candle should be 'cured'. 

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