The Joy of Soy

The Joy of Soy

At ILLUMIGI we hand pour each of our candles in our own studio. As we make each candle by hand, it's imperative that we use ingredients and components that are as safe as possible for our team and our customers.

That's why we've chosen to use Eco Soy Wax in the production of EVERY candle here at ILLUMIGI.

Soy wax is a vegetable based wax that is derived from the oil of soybeans. The particular wax we use in our studio is delivered directly from a UK manufacturer and is produced to premium quality batch standards.

A key benefit of soy wax is that is is sourced from a renewable soybean ingredient - they're always growing more soybeans! 

Our soy wax is also classed as Carbon Neutral, as it does not require crude oil during production and the raw materials are sourced from local, UK based suppliers.

We believe soy wax is also much better for its low burn temperatures (safer for our team and for customers) and ease at which it can be cleaned from most surfaces.

For example, most of our soy wax products melt at less than 50 ℃ which means that warm, soapy water will easily remove any excess wax from worktops, saucers or mantelpieces!

The health and safety of our customers and our team is imperative, that's why soy wax has the added benefit of not releasing petrol or carbon like soot that you find in traditional paraffin wax candles.

At ILLUMIGI, we have also chosen self trimming wicks. It's important that you don't allow a candle wick to reach half an inch or more in height, as this will create a mushrooming effect during the burning process. Making it much more difficult to light the candle in the future and also creating horrid black smoke from time to time. Our candles do not do this, as we have invested heavily in the correct wicks for our products. ILLUMIGI wicks are designed to self regulate and fall apart as they burn down the candle.

Our wicks should not exceed 1/4 inch - keeping the flame low, reducing mushrooming to almost zero and reducing carbon output during the wick burning process!

By combining our clever little self trimming wicks, our responsibly sourced eco soy wax and our recycled cardboard packaging, you can be assured that buying an ILLUMIGI candle is an ethical, environmental and ecologically safe choice for gifting season.

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