Size Matters - Candles Per Room

Size Matters - Candles Per Room

When it comes to maximising 'scent throw' and creating fragrant ambiance, understanding the capabilities of your newest candle purchase is imperative. 

If you are adding fragrance to a small room, perhaps a home study or small changing area, you're likely to achieve a decent background fragrance with our medium sized 165g or 6oz candles (that's 6oz of wax, we don't include the weight of the glass container - some companies include the total product weight but we only weigh the wax before pouring, to give us the correct price for our wonderful customers). 

However, if you are intending to fragrance a large living room, respectably sized snug or open hallway, you may find that a 20cl candle doesn't quite throw the scent at you upon entering the room. 

This is where you need to get creative with your candle placement and the limitations of natural candles.

At ILLUMIGI, we hand pour our very own range of 100% Natural Soy Wax candles. We always create a test batch of each fragrance, before releasing them to general sale and, in doing so, we test our candles in a variety of different landscapes. 

In our experience, large living areas can require 2, 3 or even 4 medium sized candles to fully furnish the room with beautiful fragrance. A single candle may provide a 'whiff' of scent, something for background ambiance perhaps but to really knock the socks off your guests, perhaps try arranging a selection of candles to each corner of the room. 

Remember also, candles require room to 'breathe' and placing candles close together can be detrimental to scent throw, just as it could possibly be dangerous! Too much heat in a confined area of a living room is just not going to work.

Spread your candles out along even surfaces, create a 'scent wall' at one side of your room or place candles in specific locations, away from draughts and soft furnishings. You're trying to fragrance the air, not the materials and your candle needs space to do its thing. 

In the hours upon hours we've spent testing our candles, we've also found that burn time is critical to get right. Too little burn time and you won't be able to fill any space with fragrance, too much burn time and you'll end up spoiling the fragrance oils completely.

We recommend a minimum burn time of 2 hours, to fill a small space. Multiply the candles to increase the throw of fragrance. Try to keep burn times below 4 hours to ensure fragrance oils are not burnt off.

It's also vitally important to remember that it is the 'melt pool' that creates the fragrance and not the flame. The flame heats the wick, which then slowly melts the wax and thus releases the fragrance as the wax pools. A candle can continue to produce a fragrant scent for up to an hour after the flame has been extinguished.

Safety First - never leave a candle unattended. Flames are unpredictable and so is heat. You'd be surprised just how hot a small candle becomes after a few hours of burning, enough to melt plastic or burn fabrics. We recommend only lighting candles when you intend to be in the room for a few hours. Extinguish flames fully and ensure there are no flammable items nearby as the candle cools down - this process can take a few hours.


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