Reducing Plastic Packaging

Reducing Plastic Packaging

From the very outset, the Illumigi project has been focused on creating as close to a Zero Plastic Policy as possible.


We hate plastic and, where at all possible, we try to limit its usage within our products and packaging.


When you purchase an Illumigi product, you can be assured that our small and dedicated team have thought through the entire Zero Plastic process. 


From the 100% Natural Soy Wax that goes in to our homemade candles, to the recycled cardboard packaging tubes used to display our products on shop shelves.


All of our products are now packed and wrapped in recycled paper, recyclable cardboard tubes and re-usable glass holders. 


But we don't stop there! We've now gone even further, by removing plastic packaging from our delivery boxes completely - you won't find an Illumigi product nestled amongst plastic bubble wrap. No way! 


We've even gone as far as to completely re-size and re-package EVERY box we use for delivering products around the UK.


Everything has been scaled down, to be more compact, thus reducing weight, reducing the need for unnecessary protecting plastic wrapping and improving our environmental footprint.


So, whether you're buying a gift for yourself, a friend or a loved one, you don't have to worry about a big brown box arriving on your doorstep, packed to the top with bubble wrap and unnecessary 'stuffing'! We've removed it all. We've made everything smaller. We've made everything more eco-friendly and we're committed to reducing waste in as many ways as we can.


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