Pick The Best Wick

Pick The Best Wick

Did you know, at illumigi, we don't just place any old wick in your candle? 

As part of our commitment to creating luxury scented candles that stand up to 40+ hours of burning, we go just that little bit further and seek out wicks that meet specific standards and requirements.

For example:

All of our wicks are made from cotton - no metal, no copper, no plastic! 

Our wicks are pre-waxed - this keeps them 'moist' and prevents them drying out and becoming difficult to light, even 6 months from the day you purchase them!

We pre-test wicks every time we change design - if we change the container, we test the wick, if we change the wick, we test it, if we change the wax, we test the wick..and so on. We take a sample wick from each bag, pour a test candle and burn it around our home or office, for hours, to ensure it does everything a wick is supposed to do.

All wicks must burn hot enough to allow the melt pool to reach the side of the container - 9 times out of 10, our scented candles will burn to the very extremity of the glass candle holders they're in. Maximising burn time, maximising scent throw and burning the wax all the way down to the bottom - sometimes, if the wick is slightly off centre, it won't quite reach the far edge but, at least you know our candles are individually handmade! 

Mushrooming - gasp! This can be expected on ANY candle. We try to inform all customers to ensure they're wick is snipped to 1/4 inch above the wax. A few centimeters is all that is required. Sometimes, you will end up with a little excess cotton after burning for a few hours. If you forget to 'snip your wick' then this little piece will burn over, resembling a mushroom.

Sooting - gasp again! If you don't snip your wick before each burn, the little mushroom of cotton on the top will start to turn black and will simply burn itself, for a long time! This can create a sooting effect, where black smoke covers the rim of the candle glass. If this starts happening, please extinguish your candle, wait for it to cool for a few hours, then delicately snip your wick back down to a few centimeters. There...that's better! 

Self Trimming - our scented candle wicks are self trimming, they will cut themselves down to size over time as you burn your candle. However, they will still need the odd prune, to keep them in shape and prevent the issues above. Mostly though, our cotton wick candles will do a fabulous job of melting themselves to tiny fragments that disappear in to the melt pool. You'll hardly notice them!


So, there you have it. Who would have thought that a little cotton wick would be so demanding on our teams time? 

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