How to Layer Home Fragrances

How to Layer Home Fragrances

Here's our super quick guide to scent layering for your humble abode..

Have you ever heard the technique of using multiple different fragrances, in the same room, to create a layered and full bodied aroma experience? 

From candles to incense, room mists or reed diffusers, you can use a variety of scented resources to blend together different fragrances with unique top, mid and base notes. 



Use our Woodland fragrance as a base, something that offers light Pine, Lily of the Valley and floral notes. Add some Sandalwood incense, either in the form of incense cones or incense sticks. Ensure the two scents are thoroughly separated, on either side of your room. Over 2 to 3 hours, the fragrances will begin to blend in your room. Beautiful! 



Use our Club Noir fragrance, offering up an intoxicating aroma of dark balsamic fruits and a hint of exotic wood. Blend this aroma with a strong citrus, to create the 'pop'. Perhaps spritz your sofa with a strong, citrus infused room spray before lighting your Club Noir candle in the corner of the room. Allow to blend for 1 to 2 hours, the mixture of sharp fruit against rich woods and dark berries will create a superbly deep and rich fragrance. 




It's important to experiment. Your olfactory senses are unique to you and, it's your home, so ensuring you have a pleasant and all round aroma is incredibly important. 

Don't forget to let us know what blends you create - we will share the best blends with our followers on Instagram.




SAFETY NOTICE: Please do not use room mists or sprays in close proximity to candles etc. Never blend reed diffuser liquids - you may end up releasing vapours and any spillages will damage surfaces and fabrics instantly! Be careful with your blending! 

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