How much does it cost to make a scented candle

How much does it cost to make a scented candle

The cost of making a scented candle varies massively, depending on what you are trying to achieve!

For example, if you are hobby lover, making candles in your kitchen can be a relatively budget friendly, family activity. You can purchase candle making kits, from websites like this: Home Candle Making Kit by Supplies for Candles

From the hobbyist, you may become the 'local artisan' - crafting candles for fairs and local events. This, is where the costs start to change! To sell to the public, you're going to need to have Product Liability Insurance, it's not very expensive but it covers you for certain issues that may arise from your candle making endeavours. Most craft and hobby fairs will now expect you to have some kind of insurance in place, before exhibiting your goods. From here, you'll now need to box your products and add some labels. There are usually two sets of labels required, the pretty ones that go on the box or the candle glass itself and the safety label, placed on the base of the glass containing your candle. For this, you will need to read up on CLP Safety Labelling, try this website by

Finding supplies for your hobby-cum-artisan business is a doddle these days. With a plentiful range of UK based suppliers, you can pick up just about anything you could dream of. But, alas, the costs of your product have increased and you have to consider things like 'how many boxes do I need to order' and 'I need to order £20kg of wax to make some candles this weekend' - here comes the admin! 

As you move on, you start to touch on the world of 'manufacturing' and 'batch production'. At illumigi, we make all of our products in small, hand poured production batches. We like to keep everything within our grasp and we don't like the idea of using big machines and conveyor belts. It loses something. Having said that, we do now make our candles in larger quantities than ever before and, again, our costs per item have increased considerably.

From bespoke printed boxes, to strong delivery packaging, label printing machines to gloss coated and waterproof labelling. All of this costs a considerable amount and, we also have admin work to do, website updates, social media and product photography to contend with. Is it exciting though? Of course! 

So, the costs of making a candle vary as much as virtually any other handmade item. It is what you make of it. If you're a budding candler from Bournemouth or a hobby lover from Cheltenham, there's plenty of room for everyone in the candle making world...what will you create? 

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