Ecologi Now Live at Illumigi

Ecologi Now Live at Illumigi

We've just added an amazing new feature for all of our eco aware illumigi customers.

From now on, every time you place an order at, we will donate a small percentage of our profits to, so that they can continue their work of reforestation in the UK and around the world.

Ecologi was founded in Bristol, England with the aim of off-setting and reducing the carbon footprint of individuals and corporations. 

85% of all donations go directly to reforestation and climate change projects around the world. From reforestation projects in Madagascar to rewilding woodland in Scotland. 

As part of our commitment to improving our environment and being a responsible small batch manufacturer, we felt it important to give a little back and contribute to projects beyond our own shores.

With our studio based on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors, over 40 miles from the nearest city, we have a deep connection to all things natural and feel that Ecologi offer our customers a super simple way to contribute to the Net Zero challenge.


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