Do Scented Candles Affect Your Health?

Do Scented Candles Affect Your Health

Yes. Sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way, it depends on the qualities and ingredients used in the manufacturing process.

For example, we now know that Paraffin wax candles can burn more efficiently and release aroma more effectively than some natural wax types BUT Paraffin wax is widely seen as 'less healthy' or 'damaging to the atmosphere'.

Also, with scented candles, you have to be aware of the fragrance oils used to make the item. It's possible that these may contain toxins, all be it in low and relatively safe quantities.

As with anything in life, moderation is key. We certainly do not recommend lighting several scented candles at the same time and filling your room with fragrance every day. Fresh, oxygen rich air is key to a healthier life and scented candles are intended to be used for very short periods - between 2 and 4 hours usually. 

At illumigi, we only ever use CocoSoy or Soy Wax in the production of our scented candles. Our fragrance oils are certified with the 'Vegan Friendly' label and do not include nasties like Parabens or Phthalates! We only work with dedicated suppliers who remove these toxins for us.

Are our oils natural? No. In the world of scented candles and scented reed diffusers, you're unlikely to find a completely all natural fragrance, unless it's something very simple, like Bees Wax Candles for example. In most cases, if these are ethically sourced and made locally by a bee keeping expert, they will only contain Bees Wax and the fragrance release will be...honey like! They're pretty much as natural as you'll get when talking about scented candles. For other variations, it would be an environmental disaster if we used all natural ingredients! 

Let's take Rose fragrance, for example. If you were to use actual Rose petals, you would have to demolish acres of Rose flowers to produce just a few litres of fragrance oil. So, a more environmentally friendly way, is to replicate the scent of Rose using other oils and chemical blends. It will smell like Rose but, it's preserved the flower. We don't need any petals! We can observe our beautiful Rose garden while carefully burning our Rose candle indoors, safe in the knowledge that we're burning a Paraben and Phthalate free alternative to something that's 100% natural.

As mentioned above, there are SOME natural alternatives but usually, these are from singular fragrances, like Bees Wax - which smells exactly as you'd expect and comes from a renewable source - honey!

We've come a very long way in the scented candle world, especially in the last 5 years. With more and more customers demanding ever safer and eco friendly alternatives, we are gradually finding new suppliers, those who share our passion for safe and 'healthy' room filling aromas. Parabens are now removed from all of our oils, so are Phthalates and our suppliers are working on more ways to purify existing fragrances, without taking away that famous 'scent'. 

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