• Size Matters - Candles Per Room

    When it comes to maximising 'scent throw' and creating fragrant ambiance, understanding the capabilities of your newest candle purchase is imperati...
  • Caring For Your Candle

    Caring For Your Candle - an article highlighting the best ways to look after your new candle. From the 'first burn' to maximising scent throw and burn time.
  • The Joy of Soy

    The Joy of Soy - an article highlighting the natural benefits of soy wax and why we use the ingredient in the process of making our scented candles at ILLUMIGI - England.
  • Reducing Plastic Packaging

    From the very outset, the Illumigi project has been focused on creating as close to a Zero Plastic Policy as possible.

    We hate plastic and, where at all possible, we try to limit its usage within our products and packaging.